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Efficiency of new land use by census metropolitan area, to Another factor influencing changes in population and dwelling density is the change in the average size of dwellings. Note 36 This trend suggests that fewer people are living in more space—though how much land is used parkiny also on the lot size.

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Comparing the type of dwellings is another way to look at the issue of density. Note 37 Areas with a high proportion of single detached housing stock can be considered lower density, whereas areas with a high proportion of apartment and multiple unit buildings, such as row houses, can be considered higher density.

Dwelling type by census metropolitan area, The residential building stock has changed over time.

Note 38 This trend also varies widely by CMA. Dwelling type and construction period by census metropolitan area, Arable land use change Arable land is critical ecological infrastructure, part of the natural capital that allows for the production of food and other agricultural products while providing other ecosystem goods and services including carbon sequestration, recreational and aesthetics benefits.

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See Textbox 2. Start of Textbox 2.

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Char five years, the Census of Agriculture collects information on farming in Canada, including the area of each crop and land use; the of each type of livestock; land management practices; farm expenses and other topics. Census of Agriculture data, however, are not compiled by census metropolitan area CMA. This report uses cropland, summerfallow and tame or seeded pasture data from the Interpolated Census of Agriculture, which reallocates farm areas to the Soil Landscapes of Canada SLC polygons.

These arable land areas were aggregated to the CMA-E geography. For this reason, data for arable and natural and semi-natural land, the latter of which is calculated as a residual, are available only by CMA-E. CMA-Eswhich include the SLC polygons within and surrounding the CMAare a useful geography for presenting aggregate information on metropolitan areas' arable and natural land assets.

SLC polygons are the finest environmental geography naughtj which census data are disseminated and also represent a fundamental building block of ecosystems, since they delineate the major permanent natural attributes of soil and land. However, these arable and natural land data do not have the spatial accuracy to be usefully mapped at this scale.

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For this reason, land use or population data for CMA-Es should not be summed to generate a total and caution should be used when comparing data. Note that Census of Agriculture data are spatially referenced to the location of the farm headquarters, which may not be where the farm oonline is actually located.

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End parkinf Textbox 2. CMA-Es in these areas were also likely to have arable land make up a high proportion of their total land area Chart 2. An increase in arable land implies a decrease in natural or semi-natural land. It could result from bringing natural land for pasture or idle farmland into production or conversion from other natural land covers.

CMA-Es with the highest proportion of settled area expansion occurring on arable land were located mainly in southern Ontario and the Prairies.

Loss of agricultural land by soil capability classification Other land suitable for agriculture can also be lost to urban expansion—for example natural land for pasture, woodlands and other land on farms, as well as land that is not actively farmed—for example abandoned fields. Land in Canada has been classed according to the soil capability for supporting arable culture and forage crops. Land with few soil or climate limitations for sustained crop production—termed dependable agricultural land class 1 to 3 —is mostly located in the Prairies and southern Ontario and Quebec.

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Note 42 In Toronto, London, St. Natural and semi-natural land cover change Natural and semi-natural land includes ecologically and economically important ecosystem assets such as forests, grasslands, shrublands, barrenlands, wetlands chhat water. Note 43 These areas generate many essential ecosystem goods and services that benefit society.

Ecosystem goods derived from natural areas include timber, fish, mushrooms, berries and plants, while ecosystem services include carbon sequestration, flood protection, clean air and water, recreation and other cultural services. From an chatt perspective, natural land may also provide a diverse range of habitats supporting biodiversity. Note 44 Studies have shown that green space, which includes public parks, trees, shrubs and vegetation, promotes opportunities for social interaction among neighbours, as well as an overall sense of community.

Note 45 Urban de that includes green space can facilitate physical activity. Note 46 Green space has also been linked to health benefits Note 47 including mental health benefits Note 48 and restorative effects, Note 49 as well as positive effects on children's cognitive functioning Note 50 and resilience. These percentages vary by CMA and by various socio-economic and dwelling characteristics. For example, households composed of families with children were more likely to nauhhty in outdoor activities than households composed of seniors only.

Many cities in Canada currently have plans to manage their urban forests. Note 52 Tree cover in cities is affected by the natural environment—cities in areas that are forested are more likely to have a higher percent of urban tree cover than cities surrounded by grasslands or deserts, but differences due to local land use also exist.

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Estimated tree canopy for medium and large urban population centres, by reconciliation unit Onllne of Textbox 2. Note 55 CMA-Es with higher proportions of arable land, generally located in the Prairies and southern Ontario, had lower proportions of natural and semi-natural land, while the opposite pattern occurred in other areas. Conclusion The conversion of arable and natural land to built-up land covers due to urban expansion in the periphery of cities comes at the loss of ecological infrastructure.

This natural capital provides vital ecosystem goods and services—for example, flood and groundwater protection, habitat provision, food production, green space and recreation—which may be difficult to quantify, but which exist nonetheless and provide important benefits.

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Notes Footnote 1. Return to note 1 referrer Footnote 2.

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Return to note 2 referrer Footnote 3. Return to note 3 referrer Footnote 4. Filoso lpt M. Return to note 4 referrer Footnote 5. Return to note 5 referrer Footnote 6.

Arnott and K. Return to note 6 referrer Footnote 7. Return to note 7 referrer Footnote 8. Return to note 8 referrer Footnote log. Return to note 9 referrer Footnote PDF accessed July 14,

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