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Knowledge and views on new legislation and government programmes CEDAW Article 2, 13, 16 Some women interviewed said the new Maintenance Act had benefited them, but many had no knowledge of the act. Rural women had far less knowledge and even less access. In some provinces government agents district surgeons, magistrates, etc and private sector representatives such as farmers flaunted the "new laws" even saying, "We have own laws wman.


Knowledge and views on new legislation and government programmes CEDAW Article 2, 13, 16 Some women interviewed said the new Maintenance Act had benefited them, but many had no knowledge of the act. Rural women had far less knowledge and even less access. In some provinces government agents district surgeons, magistrates, etc and private sector representatives such as farmers flaunted the "new laws" even saying, "We have own laws here".

Those who benefited from the act were those living in urban areas with greater access to information and services. Many women also said that there were insufficient staff in courts to monitor whether or not men were abiding by the judgments made in their favour by the courts. Women welcomed maternity leave benefits across the country. If the woman reporting the domestic abuse was the wife or partner of a policeman, they said that the police would refuse to open a docket or investigate the matter.

Women also spoke about the lenient sentences courts imposed on men and the poor attitudes of magistrates towards them when they went to court.

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Many women spoke about being belittled by magistrates who failed to understand the nature of domestic violence. Magistrates were generally seen in a very poor light and had little or no understanding of gender issues. Women also spoke of the terrible ways in which they were treated during chhat trials. Magistrates often blamed them for the rape and did not treat them with respect. Sentences handed out to convicted rapists were also seen as too lenient. A of women spoke of men who were repeat offenders for rape, but who were still living in their communities because of police bungling the investigations or lenient sentences.

Women also spoke of men who had raped and when they were out on bail raped again. All communities welcomed the practice of ensuring that bail is not granted to alleged rapists. Some know that the constitution protects their human rights but no one actually knew what the rights were that the constitution guarantees. Many women said that they were glad that they had rights now. Some women said that women could do more since they had these rights. Still, they could not unpack the rights to any degree.

Less than 20 could name more than 2 rights. One said, " We still discriminate against people who are different to ourselves. Understanding human rights means that we need to start respecting one another and be shocked out of our stereotypes of the other". She went on to say, "Government has to lead by teaching people. Unfortunately, government leaders are not concerned about people. They need to be less materialistic and be seen and heard at the grassroots level.

They should be seen as ordinary people leading by example". Those who had heard of either the Commission on Gender Equality or the Office on the Status of Women referred to cha institutions as: " The August 9 people". No one in 4 provinces knew of any programmes, campaigns or activities of the national machinery or had ever met a representative of these institutions. They were roulefte to hear that the offices were right within their midst. Overall, perceptions were very poor even at the level of provincial government.

They must draw the line somewhere. Things need to change womzn men too". Other views were: "Basic soouth seems to elude a lot of us. We talk about human rights without an emphasis on human relationships. The Government is doing the best they can but there are certain things which have to come from the people themselves, a human responsibility and duty". There is no social responsibility filtering down; it is everyone for themselves.

This is carried into the home that is less of a unit now than before. People are more interested in their own wellbeing. It is clear now that Biko was right; racism is not gone whether the household is White, Black, Portuguese or whatever. The problem that Biko foresaw is our internal racism and gender oppression.

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Afruca do it ourselves having internalized roukette Temporary measures CEDAW Article 4 Neither women nor men could recall any special measures that chst had put in place. Some women in Kwazulu Natal mentioned that there were some attempts made in one area to bring women into the building trade. There were many obstacles to this the main being that men of ethnic groups other than that of the woman did everything they could to sabotage the efforts to include women in building projects.

I needed transport to carry the material to the building site. At first, there was an African transport manager who helped me and I paid for the transport out of the payment that I received for the work. He cbat promoted and the Indian man and his White supervisor who took over refused to help me. They ensured delays to the work and then claimed, "This woman is not able to manage the work". This kind of sabotage was rife. Men deliberately try to keep women out and often bring soufh buddies in after the women leave.

Women spoke of the bribery at the local government and provincial government level. Women said that they would only be granted a contract if they agreed to pay for it. Men exploited women mercilessly when it came to awarding contracts. Women also said that the tenders that they had to fill in were cumbersome and often prohibited them from trying to apply. Women generally were sceptical about the temporary special measures saying that too much was expected ruolette them, no support provided and too often they were left unhappy and discriminated against.

Women refused promotions in some companies because of the pressure it put on them. They also spoke of the fact that men resented women who were promoted and they would do anything to make life difficult for them. In one case, a man refused acrica fulfil his obligations and would not furnish the female supervisor with his reports. Women said that there was rroulette a huge problem around the fact that men expect sex in return for promotions.

Stereotypical images of women. Many said that men were not as abusive since the new government has taken over. When probed, they said that on the surface things seemed better but in reality this was not so. Generally women were most concerned about how men viewed them. They felt that little had changed in this regard. Women were also concerned about how they viewed one another.

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There is much suspicion and animosity towards one another. Some said that women are their own worst enemies. Women in rural communities said that they were lower than men. Some women said that they were born disadvantaged just because they are women and this is perpetuated throughout their lives. They said that culture and religion oppressed them. Women said that culturally they were less than men.

No culture was known to elevate women to an equal basis with men. Some had an idea that things should change but at the same time said that they "would not like their sons to be like women doing housework and cooking". One woman said that her husband did not want to discuss the changes for women. He said that they were married before and they should keep to those laws not some new thing that did not suit him.

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She said that she agreed to keep the peace. Some women said, "A man is the king of the palace" Women are not supposed to question that. One woman said that in spite of changes, the bottom line is that men are still considered "Daai Ou" The man. Women said that men thought them inferior wouth many respects. Women indicated they felt this way too.

Many women spoke of men as being the head of the household and they having to listen to them.

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Aoman felt roulettd times that they wanted power over their own lives but most said it is too difficult to wrestle for it. Others said that it was too dangerous to change the status quo. In middle class families women said that they need protection. In some ways women are more assertive but only in some areas. Where the ANC is strong, women have greater knowledge of their rights and can sometimes refer to them. They said that they were vulnerable to all sorts of abuses if they were not attached to men.

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Businesspersons took chances with them if hcat needed assistance or service. If they call a technician he charges them more than when their husbands ask.

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They cannot see beyond afrlca blonde hair that is why many of them dye their hair. Women acknowledge that they have bought into the way men view them. Women are fickle and need a man to keep them in control. Women cannot deal with difficult matters such as finance. They need a man to manage this for them. Men said that they valued the traditional roles of women of wife, housekeeper and mother very highly.

They did not feel that souht was necessary for women to move beyond these roles. They said that women should be proud africs their roles, as they were very important. Men sighted the Bible saying that Adam was created before Eve and therefore was always the head of women. Women were objectified in terms of their sexuality.

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